Shadow & glow

 The new collection was created in the midst of the pandemic,
after the initial discombobulation settled and the slivers of
gold started to appear.




Lockdown meant long stretches of time to paint and a chance to focus on the important things. I noticed a growing attachment to nature and an increased yearning to be out in the natural world. 

Daily walks through the tiny pockets of nature - not the main feature of inner city living usually - became the highlight and the inspiration for the new works. Short winter days meant walks usually happened just before dusk, when everything intensified.


As a painter, I am inspired by the abstract shapes and colours in the suburban landscape. I aim to create a beautiful atmosphere for viewers to feel and connect with, rather than trying to depict reality.

I am equally drawn to the shadows and the glow - the beautiful soft-edged shadows cast by trees and the glow of the sinking sun and changing traffic lights. Tiny brightly coloured flowers against blocks of blue-green leaves, white branches and pale foggy air.


The new collection includes 8 acrylic paintings on canvas
and linen in 3 sizes. All paintings will be wired and ready
to hang and signed on the back. 
Two 60.9 x 121.9 cm {24 x 48 inch} paintings
$2,275 unframed

Five 50 x 50cm {20 x 20inch}.
$975 unframed - 3 unframed
$1,295 framed - 2 framed

One 45 x 45cm {18 x 18inch}.
$895 unframed 


'Comfort of the curved path, trees one side, freeway the other' | 50 x 50 cm
Read the story of this piece here.


'The lights' | 50 x 50 cm | Acrylic on canvas |
Read the story of this piece here.


'Westerly glow' | 50 x 50 cm | Acrylic on canvas |
Read the story of this piece here.


My hope is that the paintings in this collection speak to you
and bring inspiration, joy and comfort to your home. 
The larger pieces are perfect for the space above the bed
or sideboard or any home with bare white walls.
The smaller pieces are lightweight, easy to hang and make a
statement in a smaller room. Perfect for renters.
Pair together to complete the story.
With love & excitement,



Studio photography by On Jackson Street. Check top from Kuwaii.

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