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An original embroidery work from the 2019 collection. Unframed.

Studio visits for viewing original works are welcome. The studio is in Brunswick, Melbourne. To organise, email belinda@belindamarshall.com

12 x 13.5 cm 

Lambswool + cotton on cotton linen


The best days in the studio have me heading home seeing the real world broken down to blocks of colour for at least an hour.

I’m drawn to colour combinations and abstract shapes in the landscape and surroundings. Rather than trying to depict reality, I aim to create a beautiful atmosphere for viewers to feel and connect with.

My process is intuitive and reactive. I start with an inspired feeling rather than a plan. The first layers of the paintings are typically loose and free and the build up of layers involves reacting to the marks and resolving the composition without thoughts of tidying. Embroidery is like painting with thread, slowed right down. The works are complete when a feeling of balance is present.

© belinda marshall 2019


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Photo by Nick McKinlay.