Original framed abstract landscape artwork styled on a shelf in situ acrylic painting on canvas soft focus fresh palette olive pastel blue deep green pop of bright belinda marshall
abstract landscape artwork acrylic painting on canvas expressionism pastel pinks purples lime green olive blush palette belinda marshall
group of 3 abstract acrylic paintings on canvas style in bedroom in situ above bed side table belinda marshall
original abstract landscape painting in frame laying flat close up detail
original artwork abstract acrylic painting on canvas style in bedroom in situ above bed side table with flowers and brian tunks vase belinda marshall

FRAMED Abstract landscape original acrylic painting on canvas 'Soft skies, smells like rain'

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An original small square format abstract landscape painting from the new Small Works collection. Titled 'Soft skies, smells like rain'.

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Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 25.3 x 25.3cm {10 x 10 inches} x 3.7cm {1.5 inches} deep

Professionally framed in a Vic Ash floater frame. Wired on the back and ready to hang. Images showing unframed painting are to give styling ideas only. You are purchasing the framed piece.

Small works are easy to style and hang. They make a bold statement on their own and can be grouped together for bigger spaces.

Paintings are varnished and signed on the back. 
A certificate of authenticity will be provided.

The energy of this place is bright and bouncy! Nothing stays still and no form is solid. The trees are beautiful dark not-quite-solid forms. I am obsessed with the open spaces between the leaves and branches ~ shapes that are always changing as the wind blows and leaves grow and fall.

Creating without a plan and making use of negative space is the exciting and sometimes surprising part of the painting process ~ making blocks of colour which have open ‘negative’ spaces lets the colours from previous layers shine through and interact with the layers on top.  The blocks of dark let the sparkling light in.


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Commissions are a great way to get the perfect custom piece for your home. I would love to create a larger original painting based on this piece for you - find out more via this link - commission a painting.

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The new collection is about capturing the romance of the landscape and the sense of longing for escape that it represents.

Working within a loose structure of an imagined or remembered place gives me the freedom to play with abstraction and to explore and express the feeling of being in a beautiful natural environment, without trying to depict reality.

The process of building layers in an unplanned way gives the work an exciting energy. Using a variety of transparent and opaque layers, some earlier marks are kept and others covered. This overlapping of shapes and colours reveals the essence and story of the painting.

Literal landscape references like trees or reflections of water may appear, but it’s the abstract organic shapes and pops of colour - the glittery light popping through the leaves or the snake-like puddly shadows below the trees - that lead the viewer through the painting to a place of quiet reflection and calm. 

Reproduction photography by Matthew Stanton.
© Belinda Marshall