'Each leaf: one side light, one side shadow' - 50x50cm - Original painting

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Inspired by the glittery light shining through moving leaves and the beautiful blues, greys and greens of native eucalypts.


50 x 50cm {20 x 20inch}.

Acrylic on linen. Ready to hang. 

© Belinda Marshall 2020



'Shadow & glow' was created in the midst of the pandemic, after the initial discombobulation settled and the slivers of gold started to appear. 

Lockdown meant long stretches of time to paint and a chance to focus on the important things. I noticed a growing attachment to nature and an increased yearning to be out in the natural world. Daily walks through the tiny pockets of nature - not usually the main feature of inner city living - became the highlight and the inspiration for the new works.

Short winter days meant walks usually happened just before dusk, when everything intensified.


As a painter, I am inspired by the abstract shapes and colours in the suburban landscape. I aim to create a beautiful atmosphere for viewers to feel and connect with, rather than trying to depict reality.

I am equally drawn to the shadows and the glow - the beautiful soft-edged shadows cast by trees and the glow of the sinking sun and changing traffic lights. Tiny brightly coloured flowers against blocks of blue-green leaves, white branches and pale foggy air.

Belinda Marshall 2020


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