Embroidery artwork 'Rose' ~ Original

Embroidery artwork 'Rose' ~ Original

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An original hand stitched, embroidered textile artwork on Belgian cotton linen by Belinda Marshall. Ready to hang or gift.

The back of the piece is left uncovered so the process and knots are visible.



The size of the hoop is 4 inches / 10 cm in diameter.


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As an abstract artist, painting is my main creative passion. As a mother I find myself with bursts of creative energy at times when I can't get to the studio to paint. I’m fairly crafty and love to make so I usually have a craft project or two on the go.

I find, even on days that are studio days, that getting up a little earlier than the kids to sit with a coffee and a quiet project makes for a better day ~ and a happier me!

Lately, this quiet project has been embroidery. For me it’s kind of like painting with thread. 

The process of designing embroidery work has been similar to the creative process involved with making a painting ~  I approach both without any imagined outcome or plan and they both evolve in an organic way. Free mark-making and stitching, followed by sitting and looking, until it feels just right.

The embroidery design process has been mediative, calming and rewarding! Kind of like colouring or doodling only the end result is a finished piece of art for the wall!

Photography by Kirsten Bresciani.