Abstract painting course online classes set up with works on paper at the table
Abstract painting for beginners instructor Belinda Marshall teaching working with layers
abstract painting workshop brunswick complete step by step learn to mix colours  belinda marshall
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ONLINE COURSE: abstract acrylic painting for beginners
ONLINE COURSE: abstract acrylic painting for beginners
abstract painting workshop for beginners melbourne belindamarshall palettes after class
abstract painting workshop for beginners melbourne belindamarshall palettes after class
learn to paint melbourne abstract painting workshop belindamarshall
ONLINE COURSE: abstract acrylic painting for beginners
ONLINE COURSE: abstract acrylic painting for beginners
ONLINE COURSE: abstract acrylic painting for beginners

ONLINE COURSE: abstract acrylic painting for beginners

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Have you ever wished you could have the freedom and confidence to enjoy painting in an abstract style?
This online course will teach you how to create an abstract painting from your own inspiration, with step by step guidance, taking you from sketch to completed painting.
Don’t let perfectionism or fear hold you back!
Learn how to make the most of your new paints {or the beautiful paints you bought and stashed in the cupboard}! 

Learn from the comfort of your home at your own pace. 

Access any time, from anywhere in the world.

Step by step demonstrations to help you tap into your own creativity and follow your inspiration and joy. 
Let go of overwhelm and learn by watching and doing.
Learn the process and apply it over and over again.
See your creativity and enjoyment grow.
ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR ~ Belinda Marshall  ~ A self-taught abstract painter sharing the love of abstraction for 5+ years.
I created this course to share my love of painting ~ having a rewarding creative practice has been a life-saver, especially during 2020.
Seeing people put fear of perfectionism aside so they can connect with their desire to create in a way that feels relaxing and enjoyable is what makes me want to teach - seeing that look of excitement and inspiration when they realise what’s possible, with just a brush and some key colours, is priceless. 
In this course I have taken the little pieces of gold from my years of trial and error to share a process that is fun and perfect for getting you started.
You don’t need to get stuck on all the theory or have all the fancy tools ~ just a desire to connect with your own creativity and learn something new!
What's included?
Step by step instructions and demonstrations showing the complete process from start to finish.
* 4 modules breaking the process down to gently move you through collecting inspirationsketching to loosen things up, preliminary warm up painting exercises and on to completing your first painting
Decision-making explained ~ I talk you through my thought process and reactions as I create the painting.
* Introduction to important art-making principles including colour mixing, composition, working with layers, mark making, line and balance.
* Access to my approach to working with acrylics.
* Tips on exploring options and finishing a painting.
* A repeatable process for taking inspiration from the world around you to create unique abstract paintings.
* Supplies shopping lists with options to suit your budget, needs and personality! 
There are so many options and outcomes that can be achieved using this process ~ in this bonus video series I show you how I used a slightly different approach to complete this second painting, from sketch to finished piece.
What will you create?

. . .  'Belinda was a fantastic teacher with a great amount of both information and fun. The pace of the workshop allowed us to really try some different things out and relax into the process. It was fabulous!


. . . 'I realised I am very processed in my thinking and I needed a process to un-process enough to be able to see things completely differently and in a way that is abstract and new to me!! . . Your advice was brilliant'


. . . 'The concept of pulling apart simple objects and expanding different aspects to re-create something new and abstract was very helpful and enjoyable'


. . . 'Your explanations and the process was so enjoyable that I really like my painting and feel happy with it. So much so that I'm getting it shadow framed'

Abstract acrylic painting for beginners
This course is for you if:
~ You have never painted before and would like to learn in a way that is not overwhelming and focuses on enjoyment.
~ You’ve often wondered if you had some untapped creativity in you but don’t know if you could make painting work for you.
~ You love the idea of painting with ease in an abstract style but you’re not sure where to start.
~ You've done some painting here and there but got frustrated and stuck worrying about perfection and getting it ‘right’.
~ You like to learn by being shown and then trying it out for yourself.
~ You love the idea of creating intuitively but you don’t know what that looks like.
~ You want to learn about important art-making principles without spending too much time on theory.
~ you’d love to make use of your paint collection.
~ you’re in lock-down and need something fun and rewarding that isn’t work.
For immediate access to the course, please purchase the course via the website for online learning HERE.
You can purchase from the page you're on, but the login details will be sent manually as soon as I can {within 24hours}. 
Photos by Nathalie Dumont and Belinda Marshall.