embroidery plant potted leaves textured belinda marshall
Original embroidery artwork 'Potted'
Original embroidery artwork 'Potted'
Original embroidery artwork 'Potted'

Original embroidery artwork 'Potted'

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An original embroidery artwork based on an original blind contour drawing by Belinda Marshall.


18.5 x 15 cm 

Merino/silk + cotton on cotton linen


Embroidery is like painting with thread, slowed right down. Each stitch building an abstract image celebrating line, shape and colour. 

The physical process of stitching, the feeling of the fibres moving through the fabric and my hands, is calming and addictive. Though each work takes many hours, the slow nature of the process gives time meaning.

Inspired by colour combinations and abstract shapes in the landscape and surroundings, I aim to create a beautiful atmosphere for viewers to feel and connect with. 
Rather than trying to depict reality, my focus is on feeling.


© belinda marshall 2020

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Main photo by Nick McKinlay.